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Lance Spicer is the editor of Trident Confidential, a leading Investment Newsletter published weekly since 2004. Also, he has written 37 books on subjects such as stock market investment, taxation and general investment themes. Since 2010, he is the investment manager of The Trident Global Growth Fund investing in US listed and Australian listed stocks.

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Lance Spicer- Profile

Is an accountant, Fund Manager and licensed Financial Adviser with over 30 years industry experience, having held senior financial executive positions with some of Australia's largest listed companies involved in the Mining, Property Development, Investment, Tourism and Engineering industries.

He has also been a tax and financial consultant to several financial institutions including Macquarie Bank. He has been a forensic accounting consultant, assisting trustees of companies in liquidation discover hidden assets and has assisted the Canadian and Australian authorities in uncovering and closing down various ponzi schemes.

He started his own publishing company, Trident Press, in 1994 writing books on various subjects in his areas of expertise. Many of Lance's 37 books have attained "best seller" status with books having been sold in over 100 countries around the world.

During that time, Lance was also a regular feature writer in many magazines, Newspapers and various local and international newsletters. Lance has spoken at several international and Australian seminars on issues of taxation, investment and financial privacy. His books have been featured on Australia's ABC TV, in TIME Magazine and discussed on radio in the USA and in Australia. Lance's biography has been included in the Who's Who in the World.

Since embarking on his full time "investing career" in 1994 (although he has been involved in the markets professionally for 30 years), the results have been outstanding.

In late 2004 he launched Trident Confidential - a stock market newsletter amongst the best returning in the world.

Using his accounting and corporate skills he has been able to identify underlying value in companies often overlooked by the market and this has resulted in good returns (since 2004) See Performance here

Utilising "The Trident Investment Selection System", Lance employs fundamental analysis, economic analysis and his 30 years of experience, in addition to good old fashioned common sense (which is not so common anymore), to pinpoint good investments. His Trident Confidential newsletters have shown investors great returns are possible if you know where to look, and what to look for. 

He next venture is that of Fund Manager of the Trident Global Growth Fund through Trident Investment in addition to maintaining his popular investment newsletter, the Trident Confidential.

Lance Spicer is so far the only Stock Market Newsletter Editor in Australia to be appointed the Investment Manager of his own Retail Managed Fund - The Trident Global Growth Fund.

Lance Spicer is certified as complying with RG146 as required by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) to provide General Investment Advice and Financial Product advice in the area of Equities, Managed Investments, Derivatives and Planning.  Lance Spicer is also an authorised representative of the responsible entity of the Fund - Australian Mutual Holdings Limited ACN 115 182 137, the holder of Australian Financial Services Licence No. 295 393. 

Our research team are fully RG146 compliant and licensed to provide advice.

The publisher, Trident Investment Management Pty Limited, is licensed to provide advice on a wide range of investments by The Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC).

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"What I do for a living is try to assist people to better understand how to build wealth using sensible investment strategies, but many people who have had a difficult upbringing often struggle to break out of the poverty cycle due to poor education. The only way to break this cycle is to help the kids early in life, to ensure they are given every opportunity to be all they can be - The Learning for Life Program by The Smith Family assists in this process, but they need your help. Please donate if you can." Lance Spicer

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